Wisdom Teeth Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Dr. Salomon recommends patients have their wisdom teeth removed before age 24, preferably while they are in their teens. The longer you wait to remove your wisdom teeth, the more difficult the surgery. The roots of your wisdom teeth begin to mature and grow longer from the late teens, potentially damaging adjacent teeth or impinging on nerve bundles in the jawbone. Patients who have their wisdom teeth removed in their teens or twenties have fewer complications and heal faster than older patients.

What Happens if I Do Not Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Some people go all their lives without problems from their wisdom teeth, but they are uncommon. Most people eventually develop issues that can be difficult to treat, including inflammation, pain, gum disease, cavities, sinus issues, infection, damage to the jawbone, crooked teeth, bite misalignment, or cysts.

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What are the Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Problems?

When wisdom teeth emerge, they often cause problems due to a lack of space in the back of the mouth and crowding around other teeth. The wisdom teeth may become impacted in the jaw or erupt only partially. Please contact our office if you have any symptoms below for more than a few days. We will be sure to get you an appointment as soon as possible.

  • Painful jaw or cheek area
  • Swelling of the cheek or gums
  • Discomfort when eating, talking, or chewing
  • Blood or discharge from the back of the mouth
  • Unexplained earaches
  • Unexplained headaches
  • Bad breath
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Fever with any of the above symptoms

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Patients who have their wisdom teeth removed in their teens or early twenties recuperate faster than patients in their 30s and beyond. You need to rest for the few days following surgery, getting lots of sleep and plenty of liquid nutrition. A soft food diet is required for one to two weeks. Most people are fully recovered in 7-10 days.

How Painful is Wisdom Tooth Removal?

The surgery itself is not painful at all. The surgery area is numbed, and you may be sedated. Once the anesthesia is out of your system, you will have some pain and swelling for 2-3 days. We have begun using Exparel, a non-narcotic pain reliever administered at the time of surgery, to alleviate pain for up to three days. Any minor discomfort is easily controlled with over-the-counter medications and ice packs.

What is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

An impacted tooth is trapped in the jawbone. It may or may not lead to additional symptoms and should always be removed to protect your oral health. Visit our “Impacted Wisdom Teeth” information to learn more about different types of impactions and the complications that may occur.

What is a Dry Socket?

A dry socket may develop if the blood clot covering the extraction site is dislodged in the first few days following wisdom tooth removal. This is a painful condition caused by exposure of the nerves and bone to the air. The dull, throbbing pain can be severe. If you think you have a dry socket, contact our office immediately at Tampa Office Phone Number 813-269-2344. We will make sure there is no infection and apply a medicated dressing to relieve the pain and protect the socket. Most patients never experience a dry socket, and those that do generally recover quickly with no additional complications.

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

It is impossible to predict the cost of wisdom teeth removal without an exam and x-rays. Variables affecting the price include how many teeth are removed, the condition of the jawbone, whether the teeth are impacted, and the complexity of the surgery. Dr. Salomon can give you an accurate breakdown of the costs at your initial consultation.

Wisdom teeth removal is often partially covered by dental or medical insurance. However, if you do not have coverage, we offer a set price of $2,699 for the removal of all four wisdom teeth. This price includes x-rays, exam, IV sedation, removal of the wisdom teeth, and a post-operative exam. If you would like Dr. Salomon to use Exparel pain medication, the cost is $3,149.

Dental Extraction Solutions specializes in painless wisdom teeth removal. If you or your teen are experiencing wisdom teeth issues, contact our office at Tampa Office Phone Number 813-269-2344 to schedule a consultation to discuss your wisdom teeth removal options.