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At Dental Extraction Solutions, Dr. Salomon and our oral surgery team is dedicated to providing a comfortable experience throughout your treatment. Learn why patients in the Tampa area choose us for their oral surgery care and let us know how your treatment went. Book your oral surgery consultation today.

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“I was very nervous and scared there would be a lot fo pain and bleeding. Every step of the extraction was explained. Then, the entire staff kindly helped allay my fears. The day of my oral surgery, I remember coming into the room and seeing Dr. Salomon. The next thing I remember was being helped into the car to go home. There was very little bleeding and minimal pain!! I was delighted. Dr. Salomon and his staff are amazing! Thanks.

— Vicki   10/12/22

“Great atmosphere, clean, vibrant color walls, relaxing music and great staff!”

— Ishara   7/19/22

“Amazing experience, the working staff are very nice and kind. I love the uplifting energy.”

— Faisal   7/11/22

“Great experience with all of the staff, very kind and considerate to our needs. Thank you! Adrian was very paitent throughout.”

— Susan   7/11/22

“Staff was very friendly, welcoming & nice & the office was very clean! My techs were very helpful

— Victoria   6/2/22