Exparel обезболивающее

Dental Extraction Solutions is proud to offer Экспарел обезболивающее to our patients undergoing удаление зубов мудрости and other oral surgery procedures such as Зубные имплантаты и костная пластика. This innovative pain reliever provides the most comfortable recovery possible and is non-addictive. We are dedicated to reducing or eliminating pain for our patients without contributing to the ongoing opioid crisis, and Exparel makes this possible.

Exparel is a long-lasting numbing medication injected directly into the procedure site during your dental surgery. It is slowly released over 72 Часы, providing long-lasting pain relief during the days when pain is at its peak. Most patients who receive Exparel do not need any prescription pain relievers. Teens, in particular, respond well to Exparel, often requiring only over-the-counter pain medications during this time.

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Advantages of Exparel for Post-Operative Pain

We offer Exparel to most patients to relieve their pain in the safest, most effective manner possible without using opioids, which are easily addictive. The advantages of Exparel over narcotic pain relievers include:

  • Exparel is not habit-forming.
  • Patients do not have to remember when to take their pain medication.
  • Pain relief lasts up to 72 Часы, during the most painful days of recovery.
  • There is no “lag time” when it wears off before the next dose.
  • Exparel activates quickly during surgery, so patients can relax as soon as they are home.
  • Exparel is localized, so it does not affect cognitive abilities.
  • Exparel is non-drowsy.

Does Exparel Have Side Effects?

As with any prescription, there are potential side effects when using Exparel pain medication. These side effects are generally mild and do not affect recovery. Some patients may experience nausea, vomiting, or constipation. If you experience any of these, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нашим офисом.

Effectively controlling pain is a pillar of our dedication to making oral surgery and dental procedures as comfortable as possible, eliminating trauma and anxiety whenever possible. If you are interested in learning more about how Exparel can minimize post-operative pain without the risks of opioid use, contact us at Телефон офиса в Тампе 813-269-2344 for more information.